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Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Yes, the Animal Planet television channel’s website that happens to be a helpful resource for people in the process of choosing an assistance dog!

Animal Planet is a popular educational cable channel available across the US and in more than 70 other countries around the world. It focuses on informative programming about wild and domestic animals, and has increasingly incorporated reality television programming based around human interaction with pets and wildlife.

The channel’s website has a great deal of educational content about both pets and wild animals. Among it all is a feature called the Dog Breed Selector. This is a guide created to help individuals and families choose the canine breed best suited to their wants and needs for a pet.

Selecting an appropriate breed isn’t just a huge part of picking the perfect pet; it’s also crucial to pairing with the right assistance dog. Every breed has its own physical traits, personality traits, temperament, and grooming and care needs. These of course affect what type of aid they’re able to provide, and whether they’re suitable for someone with particular needs, personal preferences, disabilities, homes, living situations, and lifestyles.

The Animal Planet website’s Dog Breed Selector has a comprehensive, easily searchable database of well over 150 of the most common dog breeds. Users can peruse an alphabetized breed list, or answer some simple questions that help narrow the search based on personal needs and preferences. The individual breed pages give a detailed overview of the various factors that influence the breed selection process, as well as some interesting history about each breed as a fun bonus. There are also short introductory videos about each breed.

Use this free web tool to help determine which dog breeds should get the highest consideration for your guide, hearing, or service dog—and to rule some out. There are plenty to choose from, and your assistance dog’s breed will have a significant effect on your life with her, so it’s important to make an informed decision.

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