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Assistance Dog United Campaign

Assistance Dog United Campaign

Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC) is a health welfare organization established by Dr. Bonnie Bergin in 1993. She is also the founder of Canine Companions for Independence, an assistance dog training and partnering program, as well as the Bergin University for Canine Studies, which provides instruction for assistance dog trainers.

types-of-legally-recognized-assistance-dogsBased in Rohnert Park, California, ADUC and its Board of Directors raise funds that are applied in two main ways:

  1. Vouchers up to $5,500 for people with disabilities whose lives would be improved by a partnership with a service, hearing, or guide dog but who cannot afford acquisition
  1. Annual research and program development grants for member organizations to improve their abilities to serve people with disabilities and the assistance dog industry

Vouchers are paid to individuals in two equal installments; the first is given upon completion of training and the second is given one year later. The current application must be requested by emailing only in the months of April or May. Complete and return it, along with a single-page letter explaining how you would benefit from an assistance dog and proof of financial need, no later than May 31.

is-assistance-dog-right-for-meGrants to support the assistance dog industry are disbursed annually. Request the current application by emailing during the month of April or May. You must provide your project’s timeline, budget, goals, methodology details, and expected outcomes. Applications are due no later than May 31. Priority goes to support initiatives that will directly improve assistance dog programs and benefit the assistance dog industry.


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