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Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital is a chain of veterinary clinics with more than 1,000 locations throughout the US and Puerto Rico. It has its roots in the veterinary practice established by Warren J. Wegert, DVM in Portland, OR back in 1955. Partnership with the PetSmart pet store chain, established in 1994, helped propel Banfield from one location to a nationwide presence.

Among other innovations, Banfield developed its Optimum Wellness Plans in 1988 to provide affordable, effective preventive care to people with pets. It also founded the Banfield Doctor Academy in 1994 to train veterinarians while simultaneously creating key pet healthcare protocols that became widely embraced by the veterinary industry.


Some of the company’s other contributions include:

  • PetWare, a pet patient software system developed in 2000
  • Banfield Learning Center, established in 2001 to train associates for their specific roles
  • The Pet Health Care Industry Summit, an annual event started in 2002
  • An animal shelter support program called the Pet Adoption Rewards Program, also dating back to 2002
  • Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner, a comprehensive guide first released in 2003
  • The Banfield Charitable Trust’s Pet Food Drive Initiative, begun in 2006 to collect donated pet food for animals in need
  • The Banfield Charitable Trust’s Pet Advocacy Grant Program, also established in 2006 to fund nonprofits that help keep people and their pets together
  • Food distribution grants in partnership with Meals on Wheels starting in 2007
  •’s online resource library, established in 2008
  • The State of Pet Health Report, first published in 2011
  • The Banfield Foundation, launched in 2015, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of pets around the world
  • The annual Veterinary Emerging Topics Report, begun in 2017 in partnership with the North American Veterinary Community, to further the animal healthcare industry


The Banfield Pet Hospital website has an extensive resource library of pet health and pet care articles. They are reliable and up-to-date, covering a wide array of topics such as nutrition, dental care, skin care, diseases, vaccinations, parasite control, behavior, and more. There’s also the insightful “Ask a Vet” section, as well as breed information and other useful content for anyone with a pet or partnered with an assistance dog.

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