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IAADP – International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

IAADP – International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) was established in 1993 at the Delta Society and Assistance Dogs International Conference. The need was recognized for a comprehensive cross-disability resource organization working to benefit all guide, hearing, and service dog partners; their friends and families; and assistance dog raisers, trainers, and providers.

This nonprofit consumer group identifies its three core missions as:

  • Providing assistance dog partners with a unified voice
  • Enabling assistance dog partners to work together on issues of mutual concern
  • Fostering the relationship between people with disabilities and assistance dogs

Choosing a reputable service dog provider

IAADP has grown into one of the most trusted resources for the assistance dog community and industry. It publishes a newsletter called “Partner’s Forum” and maintains a large online library of up-to-date, reliable information about a variety of topics pertaining to guide, hearing, and service dogs.

Some of the areas IAADP offers educational material, resources, advocacy, and community support for include:

  • Assistance dog and disability laws and legal aid
  • Discrimination
  • Access issues
  • Assistance dog training
  • Assistance dog selection and partnering process
  • Dog care
  • Veterinary outreach
  • International Assistance Dog Week
  • International matters

IAADP also offers membership, which carries a number of helpful benefits. There are three membership categories, including Partner Membership for people with disabilities who have a service, hearing, or guide dog; Provider Membership for assistance dog trainers and placement programs; and Friend Membership for people who will be partnering with an assistance dog, healthcare and veterinary professionals, puppy raisers, and other interested parties.

Partner Membership includes the possibility of financial assistance for veterinary expenses. Application for aid must be made by your veterinarian.

Find extensive information, links to resources, membership details, and more on the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners website.

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