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IGDF – International Guide Dog Federation

IGDF – International Guide Dog Federation

Founded in 1989, IGDF is an international organization dedicated to guide dogs. These are the type of assistance dog that assists the blind and people with low vision.

Comprised of more than 90 member organizations around the globe, the International Guide Dog Federation grew out of the need to standardize training and partnering guidelines. This need was acknowledged following a series of international conferences in the 1970s and ’80s. Member organizations serve people with severe to total visual impairment by training and providing guide dogs that mitigate their disability and promote greater independence and quality of life.


IGDF establishes rigorous standards for guide dog trainers. These standards must all be met or exceeded in order to gain accreditation from the organization, and providers are re-assessed every 5 years to ensure continuing compliance. IGDF also serves as an important communication platform for its members, the guide dog industry, and those partnered with a guide dog.


Furthermore, the International Guide Dog Federation’s website includes useful information about guide dog partnerships, eye conditions and blindness, and other relevant topics of interest.

Acquiring from an IGDF-Accredited Guide Dog Program

If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from a guide dog, there are some helpful insights into eligibility, the partnering process, the partnership itself, legal matters, and more on the IGDF page Would a Guide Dog Help Me?


While acquiring a guide dog requires research and due diligence, one of the most important aspects of choosing a provider is to go with an IGDF-accredited program.

The organization’s website has a handy search tool that makes it fast and easy to find accredited providers near you.

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