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RedRover is an animal welfare organization founded in 1987 and based in Sacramento, California, but with a presence in all US states and a global reach. Its mission is “to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.”

Among other animal welfare activities, RedRover:

  • Operates temporary emergency sheltering for people with animals
  • Offers a variety of animal welfare resources
  • Gives grants to other organizations that feed hungry pets
  • Provides financial assistance for life-saving veterinary care
  • Provides financial assistance for people with animals who are escaping domestic violence
  • Works with law enforcement and local agencies for emergency animal care
  • Shelters animals temporarily in the wake of natural disasters
  • Offers aid for animals rescued from situations of cruelty
  • Provides input, materials, and resources for educators


If you are an assistance dog handler whose guide, hearing, or service dog needs life-saving veterinary care that you’re unable to pay for, RedRover may help.

Also, if you’re partnered with an assistance dog and are attempting to escape domestic violence, RedRover is a place to turn for help.

RedRover Relief Urgent Care Grants

If your assistance dog needs urgent or emergency veterinary care and this is a significant financial hardship, you may qualify for one of these grants, which is typically around $200. The organization receives far more requests for these grants than they are able to offer. The decision of whether to award a RedRover Relief Urgent Care Grant is based on medical urgency, financial need, availability of funds, and other factors.

Learn more about eligibility for this grant here, and, if you believe you qualify, fill out an online application here.

RedRover Domestic Violence Safe Housing

This program helps place people in pet-friendly housing when they’re trying to escape domestic abuse. While assistance dogs cannot be excluded from housing or shelters based on a no-pets policy, partners of hearing, guide, and service dogs may find this a helpful resource.

Resource-Ads-Read-About-Assistance-Dog-Rights-Under-FHARedRover Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grants

This RedRover grant program is designed to help people escape from domestic violence without having to abandon their pets. It deserves a mention, but isn’t generally appropriate for assistance dog partners. The grant covers the cost of boarding an animal while people transition away from domestic violence, but this would entail temporary separation from a service, hearing, or guide dog.

RedRover Directory of Resources

RedRover also maintains a list of resources that provide financial assistance with veterinary care in various situations and with different criteria of eligibility. If you need help paying for veterinary care for your hearing, guide, or service dog, you can peruse this directory of resources here.

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