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Service Dog Central

Service Dog Central

Service Dog Central is one of the web’s leading destinations for information on a wide variety of topics pertaining to assistance dogs. It publishes extensive, reliable material about the different types of assistance dogs, as well as the process of finding and partnering with a hearing, guide, or service dog.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg at Service Dog Central, though. Site visitors will also find plenty of up-to-date information about assistance dog training, access and housing laws, life with an assistance dog, disabilities, veterans issues, industry and legal definitions, and more.

If you or a loved one have made the decision to partner with an assistance dog—or if you’re just wondering how to start the process of finding one—Service Dog Central’s page about finding a service dog provider is a valuable resource. There’s a good deal of helpful information indexed there to answer many of your questions.

The website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is another particularly useful destination. It’s a convenient place to explore an assortment of assistance dog and disability topics. Other recommended pages to check out include the Disability Resources and the Community Forum, where you can join an active, supportive group of people from the service, hearing, and guide dog community and industry.Resource-Ads-Learn-More-about-choosing-an-assistance-dog-provider

Knowing where to turn on the internet for current, trustworthy information is often a little tricky. This is just as true with assistance dog topics as with other aspects of health, wellness, and legal issues. Service Dog Central is one good place to visit and to bookmark for reliable answers.

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