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AKC – American Kennel Club

AKC – American Kennel Club

Founded in 1884, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is the world’s largest purebred dog registry. This nonprofit group runs thousands of dog shows and canine sporting events every year, and it’s considered the leading global authority on breed standards.

The organization’s dedication to purebred breed standards and its promotion of responsible dog care also makes its website an ideal free online resource for people in the assistance dog community.

The AKC’s Dog Breed Guide

One useful aspect of the American Kennel Club’s website is its in-depth dog breed guide.

This feature includes a searchable list of more than 190 dog breeds recognized by the AKC. Each breed’s entry includes information about its average physical characteristics, life expectancy, and general temperament. This can help people who are preparing to choose a service, guide, or hearing dog pick a breed that matches their needs and preferences.

To further aid with this, there’s a sorting tool that allows users to see search results for breeds by group types, size, level of shedding, and other key characteristics.

The dog breed selector tool is another helpful aspect of the AKC’s dog breed guide. It asks questions about your lifestyle and personal preferences to suggest breeds that should be a good match.

Also, for people struggling to choose between a few different breed possibilities for their assistance dog, there’s a breed comparison tool. It lets users enter up to five breeds to see a side-by-side comparison of their major physical traits and personalities.

The AKC’s Dog Care Information

Library-of-dog-health-and-careIn addition to all its insights for matching people with the right dog breed, the American Kennel Club website’s Expert Advice section is an excellent online resource for dog care information.

Peruse articles or search by topic to learn about dog health, grooming, nutrition, lifestyle tips for living and traveling with a canine companion, and more. There’s also dog-related news as well as some fun content for dog lovers.

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