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Margo & Izzy

Margo & Izzy

My name is Margo. In 2009, I became very immobilized by a disorder called epilepsy with Todds paralysis. It’s a neurological condition where you suffer partial or total temporary paralysis after a seizure that lasts anywhere from half an hour to a day or longer.

At first, they couldn’t figure out how I got this disorder and thought I was suffering from strokes. The two are often confused, but the right diagnosis is really important since managing each is totally different.

My life was very difficult at times, until I learned about seizure response dogs.

When Izzy was pulled from the shelter to become my partner, I was a little disbelieving that a dog from the shelter, on death row, could become a fully task-trained seizure response dog. Boy was I wrong. Izzy alerts me to oncoming seizures, grabs medications, rolls me, gets phones, and guides me. Izzy is a angel. Truly a blessing. Our journey has been long but a rewarding adventure that has saved my life.

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